Waterford PPN - Waterford Public Participation Network

Waterford PPN

What is the PPN?

Waterford Public Participation Network is a network of more than 550 community, voluntary, social inclusion and environmental organisations in the Waterford City & County area. The PPN replaced the Community Fora in 2014. It is the main link through which the Local Authority connects with the communities.

What is the aim of Waterford PPN?

The aim of Waterford PPN is to co-ordinate how the community is represented, make our members stronger; and keep our members informed about local developments.

What do we do?

We empower our member groups to influence policy makers. We do this through: electing representatives onto decision-making bodies; highlighting community issues through our Linkage Groups; making sure our members are consulted on local developments and strategies; and providing training to our members on topics such as lobbying and planning.

Who runs the PPN ?

The Secretariat – They are a committee/board and are made up of 11 members from all over Waterford City & County. They are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day running of the PPN. They manage the staff, budget and operations, and report back to the plenary meeting.

Waterford PPN


PPN Structure

  • Waterford PPN operates on two levels, on Municipal District level, dealing with local issues, and also on a County Wide level, dealing with county issues.
  • Waterford has a PPN for Dungarvan/Lismore, the Comeragh, and one for the Waterford  Metropolitan area.


The Benefits

Benefits of joining Waterford PPN:

  • Network – share information, learn from other community and voluntary groups in your area or sector
  • Create a sense of solidarity and collective action across the county
  • Elect representatives to policy making boards and committees
  • Avail of free low cost support and training in the county
  • Get information on funding, grants and initiatives which are of interest to your group
  • Opportunity for your group to influence policies and plans that are relevant to your group.

Who Operates the PPN?

The PPN Plenary sets out the concerns, issues and objectives of the year and the Secretariat plan and oversee the annual work plan based on this. An eleven person Secretariat has been elected to administer the Waterford PPN.