Beekeeping for Begineers




10:00 am - 1:00 pm

The Déise Beekeeping and Conservation association will hold beekeeping classes for beginners and improvers in the skills of beekeeping with the Native Irish Honey Bee Apis mellifera mellifera. In the community Hall Pilltown KinsaleBeg Co.Waterford Starting on Saturday the 10th March 10 am to 1pm and on the following Saturdays 24th.and 31st. There will be practical demonstrations once weather permits. The program will include the following topics History of the Native Honeybee, Hive Parts.The bees life cycle. Bee feeding and forging habits, Role of the beekeeper and frequency of inspections. When to harvest. Bee associations. Supply of bee equipment. Participants will be given the opportunity to Aquire local pure Irish Native Honey bees to look after.

The course organisers are PJ Curran and Robert Anthony both are top beekeepers in Co Waterford who are prepared to share their knowledge and expertise to people wishing to engage in the are of beekeeping.

The association is operating a research apiary in Dungarvan where advances are being made to find Varroa tollorant honey bees this work has been recognised in Ireland and Europe where they were reciently invited to participate in the EuBest program with ten other European Countries. The Dept of Agriculture Genetic Resources funded inital research program and it is hoped that this will be comtinued for this year to advance the research . If you wish to Join the assocation or become a beekeeper contact Pat Deasy 024 20910 or email

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